Insurance authorization, reimagined.

Lightning-fast approvals using blockchain and AI. Benefiting patients, payers, and providers.

The future of post-acute care

Authfind's platform as a service (PaaS) revolutionizes insurance authorization by seeking post-acute care authorization approvals or denials within seconds, benefiting payers, providers, and patients.


  • Reduce administrative burden and processing times.
  • Reduce inpatient length of stay and associated case management and nursing care FTEs.
  • Decrease risk of hospital-associated complications, including infections, medication errors, and pressure injuries.
  • Improve patient satisfaction and post-acute plan of care engagement.
  • Improve hospital patient flow, including timely and early discharges, leading to improved hospital bed capacity.

The Cost of Waiting for Authorization

Additional cost per patient day in inpatient bed vs. post-acute bed

Spent per post-acute discharge on insurance authorization processing burden

Average additional cost added onto hospital stay from hospital-acquired conditions, like infections



Authfind's PaaS has numerous features to serve your needs.

Privacy and Security

Our platform has bank-level end-to-end encryption. HIPAA-compliant with 24/7 data security monitoring.

Fully Customizable Workflows

Integrated forms builder and approval workflow to match any underwriting algorithm.

Instant Approval or Denial Decisions

Claims engine instantly analyzes submitted forms and documentation to make decisions in real time.

Cutting-Edge AI

Authfind's reviews engine makes smarter decisions with every submission.

Smart Contract Execution Via Blockchain

Private blockchain provides decision transparency and instant benefits verification.

EHR Integrations

Integrations with electronic health records (EHRs), such as EPIC, MediTech, Cerner, and AllScripts.

Authfind is Launching Soon

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